Every quality professional's career is different. But a shared set of capabilities underpins them all.

Our unique Competency Framework lies at the heart of how we help quality professionals plan their development and fulfil their potential.

The Competency Framework sets out the abilities and types of behaviour that quality professionals need to master to be successful in their jobs.

It is structured around what quality professionals do (which falls into the categories of governance, assurance and improvement), the context in which we work, and the behaviours we exhibit, particularly leadership.

The CQI Competency Framework


Quality professionals make sure their organisations have effective systems of governance and assurance, and a culture of continuous improvement. They must also have a strong understanding of the context in which their organisation works and be able to lead in order to influence and motivate others, and embed quality in the culture of their organisations.

Our Competency Framework helps:

  • Quality professionals to plan and advance their careers
  • Employers of quality professionals to support and develop their people
  • The world understand what quality professionals do
  • The profession faces the challenge of putting quality at the heart of organisations in today's fast-paced business world (read The New Quality Profession Challenge).

The Competency Framework also lies behind how the CQI has designed its membership grades and training offering.

It's a key part of how the CQI is helping to put quality at the heart of every organisation.