Published: 31 Jan 2017

The CQI invites comments to test the need for the improved governance of business improvement practitioner standards.


The CQI believes the lack of independence, impartiality and integrity in the governance of professional standards in this field is making the sourcing of skills inefficient for employers, making differentiation difficult for practitioners and impeding the development of the practice of improvement.

The green paper seeks views on three areas:

  1. The need for improved governance of business improvement practitioner competences and professional standards.
  2. The need specifically for industry and practitioner supported Lean and Six Sigma education standards.
  3. The need for the certification of Lean and Six Sigma professionals that evidences the above.

The CQI is inviting views from all stakeholders, including business improvement professionals, employers, training providers and consultants, and welcomes the sharing of the Green Paper as widely as possible.

To provide views and comment after reading the Green Paper, you are invited to completed the online survey, which will be open until Friday 24 February 2017.