On 14 November, quality advocates across the globe will celebrate the impact our profession has made in the last century. Here’s how you can get involved and make the most of the big day.

1. Become a World Quality Day (WQD) expert

Champion quality by becoming familiar with what the day stands for. WQD is a yearly celebration of quality that happens on the second Thursday of November. This year, it falls on Thursday 14 November. WQD is your opportunity to spread the quality message by promoting it in your workplace and your wider industry. Its purpose is to recognise the daily work of quality professionals in sustaining and improving the performance of organisations and businesses worldwide. Every year, the CQI selects a new theme to highlight a unique dimension of quality. This ensures that the quality community is raising global awareness with a unified voice. Check out quality.org/article/world-quality-day-2019for more details.

2. Know the theme for 2019

This year’s theme is ‘100 years of quality’. As the CQI marks its centenary, we are inviting everyone to celebrate the rich history of quality and its role in helping organisations across all sectors and regions achieve sustained success. The advancements we enjoy today – be it in automotive, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, transportation or defence – owe much to the progress made by quality trailblazers from the past 100 years. This theme has countless possibilities for everyone. It gives you the opportunity to focus on an aspect of quality that you and your colleagues feel most passionate about.

3. Use the WQD toolkit 

The CQI’s World Quality Day toolkit is a valuable resource for planning and running your event on 14 November. It includes the 2019 logo; handy information sheets for effective social media campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter; a guide to writing about your event; articles about the history of quality management; and some activity ideas to get you started. A few examples include hosting a lunch and learn session, holding a coffee-morning, or producing your own YouTube video that reflects the WQD theme. You can find all the resources you need at quality.org/article/world-quality-day-2019-toolkit

4. Brainstorm ideas with colleagues 

Use this as a chance to let your leadership skills shine. As a WQD expert and quality advocate, volunteer to organise the preparations and running of the event. Determine what aspect of quality you and your colleagues are most passionate about, then think about a fun or convincing way to share it with your wider organisation. The handy resources mentioned above are an excellent source of inspiration during the brainstorming process, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the WQD toolkit box.

5. Share your plans and bask on the day

Once you’ve decided on an activity or event, start promoting it early to get as much people involved as possible. Raise awareness through word of mouth, your organisation’s intranet or other internal channels of communication, and by using the hashtag #WQD19 on social media. Visit quality.org/content/how-will-you-celebrate-world-quality-day-2019to share your plans with the CQI. On the day of the event, make sure to take photos and don’t be shy about documenting the highlights on your digital platforms.