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Supporting the professional development of all quality professionals: a new collaboration

We are pleased to have commissioned Catalyst Consulting Ltd and the University of West of Scotland to develop Typical Competence Profiles and Career Pathways for quality professionals.

Empowering quality professionals on their professional journey

These new resources are designed to empower CQI members, IRCA auditors and other quality professionals to benchmark their competence against typical profiles for similar roles or career stages. Through offering insights into their capability as quality professionals, these assets aim to support members navigate their unique career paths and professional development goals.

The demand for tools to guide quality professionals on their professional journey was the result of the comprehensive review of the CQI Competency Framework, a project which led to the launch of the CQI Profession Map in June 2023. It is now complemented by the new CQI Self-Assessment tool.

Developing the profiles and career paths

Quality professionals are engaged in diverse roles, sectors, contexts, and functions. The Typical Competence Profiles project will analyse a wide range of data. Factors such as membership grade, career stage, sector, and location will be considered to tailor competence profiles which reflect the specific nature of what quality professionals.

To ensure accuracy, credibility, and reliability of the profiles, we're leveraging the power of machine learning. Dr. Muhammad Ayat, from the School of Computing, Engineering, and Physical Sciences at the University of the West of Scotland, is leading this innovative aspect of the project.

A Guidance Panel made up of experienced quality professionals and representatives of other interested parties including professional development, and accreditation and conformity assessment, will offer valuable insights, bridging the project with the needs and priorities of professionals in various sectors. Their recommendations will shape the development of competence profiles and career paths.

How you can help 

In January 2024, CQI will launch a consultation with members to test, verify, and contribute to the initial set of profiles. The first phase of this consultation will be aimed particularly at those with the following types of job/role titles:

  • Quality Director 
  • Quality Manager
  • Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Auditor 
  • Lead Auditor
  • Quality Coordinator
  • Risk Management Specialist

Regardless of grade, sector, or location, the input of CQI members, IRCA auditors and quality professionals will be instrumental in creating these tools that support professional development.

Contact us now to take part in the consultation

Contact us now to take part in the consultation

The Profession Map

The Profession Map

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