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A time for change: The Membership Council


The Chair of the Board of Trustees, Amanda McKay, shares the upcoming changes to the CQI's governance structure and new opportunity for members to get involved in the future of the organisation.

For the last six years, the Membership Council (MC) have been responsible for overseeing the governance of the CQI's branches and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), appointing Trustees to the Board and advising the Board on matters related to the membership. Since the MC was formed, a lot has been achieved and a lot has changed.  

The MC’s achievements 

The MC proudly boasts accomplishments including: 

  • revitalising closed branches 

  • developing a maturity model to ensure tailored network support 

  • fostering the formation of new SIGs.  

Adapting to change 

These achievements are a great source of pride for the MC, with CQI networks flourishing and delivering excellent value to members. However, following a comprehensive review in 2022, it's clear the landscape has evolved since the MC's creation in 2017. 

  • The CQI has established the Professional Networks team to offer daily support for member networks.  

  • Acknowledging volunteer limitations, the MC has handed over the operation of the maturity model and ongoing network support to the Professional Networks team.  

  • Responsibility for Code of Conduct appeals within the CQI has shifted away from the MC.  

  • The Governance and Risk Committee (GRC) was introduced by the Board to oversee all CQI governance matters.  

In light of these developments, the MC recommended to the Board that significant change was needed.  

Changes to the Council 

In 2023, the Board accepted recommendations that the Membership Council to evolve into a body including both internal and external stakeholders. We'll keep you informed about the process for bringing in new stakeholders in due course. The Council will retain the authority to appoint and remove trustees. Moreover, the Council will take on an expanded role, advising the Board strategic or operational matters when needed.  

Preserving achievements 

We've taken careful measures to ensure the MC's past accomplishments remain intact. As the Chair of the Board, I have confidence in the Professional Networks team's continued effective support for our networks. Furthermore, the Governance and Risk Committee will safeguard the crucial role of members in upholding sound network governance.  

I am equally confident that the reconstituted Council will amplify the voices of members and other stakeholders within the CQI. Some of the existing MC members will remain on the Council to ensure a seamless transition, with formal Council activities starting on 1 January 2024.  

More information about the requirements and how to apply for the new Council will be available on the CQI website from mid-September, with nominations opening on 2 October 2023. An email will also be sent to members with more information from the election partner, Mi-Voice.  

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. Voting opens on 6 November 2023, CQI and IRCA members will receive an email from Mi-Voice with voting instructions.