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CQI International Quality Awards - frequently asked questions

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We answer your questions about the International Quality Awards, held in association with our proud partner NQA.

Top tips for a successful International Quality Awards 2019 application

How do I enter?

  • Register on the International Quality Awards platform, log in and follow the instructions.
  • Read the Important Information as well as the Terms & Conditions.
  • Start your entry and answer the questions. Use a minimum of 100 words and a maximum 600 words per question. Stay within the maximum of 1,500 words in total*.
  • Attach up to six PowerPoint slides of supporting evidence*.

*Except for the Quality Organisation of the Year award which has a maximum of 2,000 words and eight slides.

Is there a cost to enter?

No. It is free to enter.

What are the benefits of applying?

  • Showcase your contribution by highlighting the impact that you, your team or your organisation has on the quality management profession.
  • Inspire other people by sharing your story with quality management professionals.
  • Boost your profile by being a finalist or winner and being featured in CQI post-awards promotional material.
  • Celebrate your success by entering the awards, even if you aren’t a finalist or winner.

Which category can I enter? How do I know if it's the right one?

Enter as many categories as you like, provided you meet the criteria.

Completing your application

The judges will assess your application on your approach and, importantly, on the tangible impact you made for your organisation. You must cover both aspects in your application.

What is the confidentiality policy for Award entries?

All material will remain confidential to the judges. If your application contains sensitive information, please clearly state this on your application.

About each award category

Emerging Talent Award

Recognises a quality professional who has contributed most to their organisation in the areas of governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context within the first eight years of their quality career.

Consider applying for this award if you are relatively new to the profession and have personally had a significant impact on your organisation. Possible examples include:

  •  Introducing quality plans for a new area of your business.
  •  Establishing methods for identifying risk.
  •  Evaluating and suggesting improvements to existing processes or performance measures.
  •  Using evidence-based methodology to identify stakeholder requirements.

You may have had guidance from a manager or another individual, but the implementation must be your own.

The Audit System Award

Honours the team that fuels their organisation’s success by establishing and delivering an effective audit system. CQI members and IRCA auditors of any grade can submit entries.

Quality Professional of the Year award

Celebrates a quality professional who plays a key role in advancing their organisation's governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context. Entries are restricted to CQI Chartered Members or Chartered Fellows.

Consider applying for this award if you have:

  • Helped your organisation to successfully address opportunities and risks.
  • Improved the way your organisation meets the requirements of stakeholders.
  • Introduced changes that have significantly improved the way your organisation meets its stakeholder requirements.
Quality Team of the Year Award

Recognises a team of quality professionals who have contributed most to their organisation in terms of governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context.

Quality Organisation of the Year Award

Distinguishes the organisation that best exhibits a culture of quality and puts it at the heart of everything it does. This award is open to organisation of any size or type.

The Improvement System Award

Celebrates a team that has moved its organisation forward by establishing and delivering an effective improvement system.

CQI Honorary Award

Pays tribute to an individual who has moved the profession and discipline of quality forward over a number of yearsnot only in relation to their own organisationbut also on a wider stage

What happens after I have submitted my application?

  1. Submissions close on 31 July 2019.
  2. A panel of three judges will review all applications for their category to select a shortlist of three finalists. This phase of judging is completed online.
  3. We will notify shortlisted applicants of the results of this part of the process by mid-September 2019.
  4. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview in London happening between 14-24 October 2019. Any finalists unable to attend in person can do so by video conference.
  5. The judging panel will decide on the winner of each category after interviewing all candidates.
  6. We will announce the winners at the awards ceremony in central London on 27 November 2019.
  7. After the awards ceremony, the panel of judges will give all finalists written feedback. We will share best practices from finalists with CQI members and the wider quality community via various media platforms.

If our organisation or team win, are we able to receive more than one trophy?

You will receive one trophy, but you can buy more for your organisation. Please contact our team for more details.

Who are the sponsors?

Our sponsors make the awards possible. They support us to promote quality management and the quality management profession. They have no decision-making power over the category types or criteria. Sponsors may provide subject matter expert judges who are bound by the rules outlined above. 

I have a question not covered here, who do I contact?

You can email us at [email protected]

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International Quality Awards

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