Published: 12 Dec 2016

Major changes to ISO 17021-3 are underway and the new standard will be published in January 2017. 

ISO 17021-3 ‘Competence requirements for auditing and certification of quality management systems’ will now be published in January 2017.

There will be no FDIS and the revision will result in a full ISO standard, rather than an ISO technical specification.

The standard mirrors ISO 9001:2015, including the requirements driven by Annex SL. 

To reduce duplication, ISO 17021-3 focuses on the specific knowledge requirements for those auditing ISO 9001:2015 based quality management systems, with the audit skills requirements being covered by ISO 17021-1. These standards must be considered in conjunction.

Importantly, ISO 17021-3 specifies every QMS auditor must have knowledge of the principles and core concepts of quality managementand cannot rely on the “collective competence” of an audit team. 

This is your opportunity to make transition training a core part of your CPD and ensure you stay one step ahead of the curve.

For a full briefing ahead of the release of ISO 17021-3 and ISO 19011 (due later next year), read the views of the CQI Standards Panel's Richard Green here.