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Antonios Louloudis

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Antonios Louloudis

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Degust Ltd

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Dual CQI and IRCA member

​“The biggest benefit of membership is the way the CQI and IRCA enhance the reputation and visibility of the quality and auditing professions”

What CQI and IRCA membership means to me

The biggest benefit of membership of the CQI and IRCA is the way they enhance the reputation and visibility of the quality and auditing professions. Nobody wants to be audited, but if you’re seen as professional, people change their minds. After all, you’re there to help organisations improve.

Being a Chartered Quality Professional gives me the opportunity to work with other approved certification, accreditation and training bodies and promote common professional interests. CQI and IRCA membership is like a passport – it means I meet the criteria for working with them without having to get through evaluations from the beginning, which saves a lot of time.

One of my recent professional successes was being approved as a Lead Tutor by an IRCA Approved Training Organisation.

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