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Tiago Geraldes-Rodrigues

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Tiago Geraldes-Rodrigues

Job title

Quality Engineer - Tunnels


Balfour Beatty

Membership type

Chartered Quality Professional – Member (CQP MCQI)

“CQI membership verifies that you have the right attitude and drive to succeed as a quality professional”

What do you value most about being a CQI member?

Becoming a CQI member has given me a baseline platform to demonstrate my competence and knowledge within the quality and regulatory forum. By having this platform, I am able to more positively challenge an organisation’s status quo to assess the capability of existing quality management systems against the expectations of the nuclear industry regulatory requirements. As a result of collaboratively working with all levels of management and workforce, I am able to offer advice and guidance with regard to nuclear regulatory and stakeholder requirements, resulting in a leaner, effective and fully compliant organisational structure.

How has CQI membership helped you achieve your goals?

Membership of the CQI has enabled me to use their unique Competency Framework to strengthen my ability with regard to the definition, development and implementation of best available techniques (BAT), to ensure adequate industry-tailored processes are embedded within the management system. This methodology positively contributes to the safe and timely handover of major construction projects in a ‘Right First Time’ manner. Furthermore, by working closely with process owners, I am able to provide guidance on nuclear compliance activities thus positively influencing and increasing SQEP and competency levels within the organisation. Moving forward, I am engaging more comprehensively with the CQI Special Interest Groups, especially within the nuclear sector, to further increase my ability and that of my organisation for the implementation of the recently introduced ISO 19443 quality standard. 

If you could say one thing to someone thinking about membership, what would it be and why?

As a Chartered Quality Professional and Member of the CQI, you will be part of an internationally recognised organisation that promotes your competence and commitment. This demonstrates to employers, customers and stakeholders that you possess the right skills, knowledge and understanding of the quality profession. In other words, this grade of CQI membership verifies that you have the right attitude and drive to succeed as a quality professional. It proves that you can lead the way to improving your organisation’s standard of performance, which ultimately contributes to enhance customer satisfaction and your organisation’s profitability. 

The CQI Nuclear Special Interest Group (NucSIG) offers collaboration opportunities with like-minded contemporaries and peers within the nuclear industry. It drives more detailed discussions via meetings and events, with organisations such as the Office for Nuclear Regulation, which is invaluable when striving to achieve the highest levels of safety, compliance and capability within the nuclear sector.

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