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Life in Hong Kong during Covid-19

Published: 5 May 2020

Carmen Chin, PCQI, Quality Assurance, and Ian Streeter, MCQI, Quality and Safety Manager at a global transportation company, share their experience of life in Hong Kong during the pandemic.

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Commandeering the certification industry into the 21st century

Published: 4 May 2020

Over the past two decades, as technology has evolved, so too has the certification industry. Laura Fletcher, Commercial and Customer Experience Director at NQA, explores the recent changes to auditing following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The evolution of remote audits

Published: 23 Apr 2020

Gary Jarvis, CQP MCQI, Group Quality and Information Security Manager at The Growth Company, shares his experience of conducting a remote audit, and an overview on the specific and unique challenges and the viability of auditing remotely. 

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My Career: Derek Scott, Quality Manager at Rubberatkins

Published: 16 Apr 2020

Derek Scott, CQP MCQI, Quality Manager at Rubberatkins, tells Dina Patel about his greatest achievements and the challenges he has overcome in his career.

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Why I chose the CQI Mentoring programme

Published: 16 Apr 2020

Derek Geyer, CQP MCQI, Quality Lead at Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick, tells Dina Patel about his experience as a mentee on the CQI and IRCA Mentoring programme.

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Improve life after lockdown with Hoshin Kanri and Deming’s 14 points

Published: 7 Apr 2020

David Hutchins, CQP FCQI, Chairman and Principal at David Hutchins International, looks at how quality professionals can help their organisations by applying the Hoshin Kanri method and using Deming’s 14 points for management.

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A critical time for remote auditing

Published: 30 Mar 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented in modern times and provides the first significant test for the relatively new programme of assessment and certification of management systems.

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Plugging the STEM skills gap

Published: 6 Mar 2020

Gaurav Bijlani PCQI, Senior Production Test Engineer at Hanover Displays, speaks about the importance of encouraging more students into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers.

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Implementing a quality control management system

Published: 3 Mar 2020

Dalvinder Singh, Quality Coordinator at NG Bailey, explores the pros and cons of adopting a quality management system to ensure a right first time approach on projects in the construction sector

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