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CQI Quality Careers Hub Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: The Quality Learning Hub

The Quality Learning Hub is the CQI’s latest platform for professional development. Serving as an avenue for professional growth, it offers e-courses, the Profession Map self-assessment tool, webinar recordings, and live sessions. It's accessible as a member benefit through the Members' Area or available for purchase via the CQI store for non-members.

The Quality Learning Hub

What is the Quality Learning Hub?

It is the CQI's new home for professional development content including a suite of e-learning courses, the Profession Map self-assessment, CQI webinar recordings, live webinars and more. 

How do I access the Quality Learning Hub?

For members: log in to the members’ area of Click on the link to the Quality Learning Hub. The first time you click this link an account will be created for you in the learning hub. 

For non-members; bookmark 'Access the Quality Learning Hub' today and log in with the credentials you created when you first bought a course from the store.

Help! How do I use the Quality Learning Hub?

Once in the Learning Hub there is an option in the Navigation bar under the CQI logo called ‘Brightspace Resources’. The content in there will help you to understand how everything works.

Where can I find my courses, webinars and videos?

All of the courses that you are enrolled on are listed on your Quality Learning Hub landing page.

How do I start a course?

Simply click on the course icon and then click on the content item or items within the course.

I’m in a course but it has stopped working or nothing is happening

Sometimes, to progress to the next item or next page you need to click the arrow at the top right of the screen. If that does not help, try reloading the course. If you believe there is a technical fault with the course please email [email protected]

Why do some things cost?

Some of the content is supplied by third parties, for which the CQI pays a license fee that we recoup through the fees we charge. 

Members will always receive a significantly discounted rate compared with non-members, and in some cases content will be free to members. 

Can I get a CPD certificate for completing a course?

Yes, all courses have an associated feedback survey. If you complete the survey, a CPD certificate will be available to you within the Learning Hub.

The store (making a purchase)

If I have a question about a purchase that I made in the store who do I contact?

A course that I bought has not appeared in my Quality Learning Hub account

If you accidentally ticked the box ‘I’m buying for someone else’ during checkout you will be able to assign the licence from within your Quality Learning Hub account. If that does not resolve your problem [email protected] quoting your order number.

I am a CQI | IRCA member, do I need a voucher code in order to get a member discount?

No. Assuming you are logged in to the members’ area of the CQI website, either before or during checkout, the system will know that you are a member and apply the discount automatically.

A course or webinar is no longer listed on the store. Can I still enrol on it?

From time to time we may remove listings from the store. There are multiple reasons why this might be the case. A course that is not listed cannot be purchased.

I bought a course in error. Can I get my money back?

Please see section 20 of our terms and conditions.

I just want to view a webinar recording and it is free of charge, do I really have to go through the checkout process?

Some videos are available in the members’ area of the CQI website. However, all content that is listed in the store requires you to go through the check out process so that it is available in the Quality Learning Hub. We will simplify this process as/when we can.

Using your Learning Plan

What is the Learning Plan?

Although the Profession Map Self Assessment tool makes professional development recommendations it is your choice as to which of those you enact. You simply have to choose which to add to the Learning Plan. You can then manage those activities through the Learning Plan.

Can I add my own actions to the Learning Plan?

Yes, you can create your own actions.

Can I download my Learning Plan?

Yes, you can download it as an MS Word document

Can I use my Learning Plan as my CQI CPD plan?

You can use it to support your CPD planning, but a key part of the CQI’s CPD approach is to reflect on the activities that you have undertaken. So, we would encourage you to enter the activities into your CPD plan following our plan, do, check, act approach.

Profession Map Self-Assessment tool FAQs

What is the Profession Map Self-Assessment tool?

It is a tool for quality professionals to use to identify their learning needs, and to develop their knowledge,skills and behaviours. It helps users to gauge their current levels of competence, to identify where they need to develop, and provides recommendations for how to get the development they need. 

How does the Self-Assessment tool differ from the Profession Map on the CQI website?

The Profession Map on the CQI website contains summary competences for each of the key components of competence. The self-assessment tool contains much more detail with over 1200 detailed competences. 

What do the tiers mean?

Each tier denotes a particular set of competence characteristics, such as the complexity of the work you can undertake, the autonomy that you have, and your ability to develop solutions or lead others. For further information read this page. 

How do I use the Profession Map Self-Assessment tool?

1 Assess yourself against the tier that you think represents your competence in each competence area. 
2 The tool will make recommendations if there are areas for improvement. 
3 Add recommendations to your learning plan or CPD plan, and then do them.

Do I have to work through from tier 1 to tier 4?

No. We recommend that you read the Profession Map to get a general sense of your level of competence in each competence area and then assess yourself against the relevant tiers. 

Do I have to do all of the recommendations?

No. It is up to you which recommendations you follow. The key thing is that having understood where you need to improve, that you put a plan in place to do so. 

Can I have a downloadable version of the tool?

No. With over 1200 detailed competences the full version of the map contains far too much detail to be easily usable. By structuring the tool in the way that we have, and by presenting you with recommendations, we have created a tool that is practical and usable for quality professionals at every level. 

How does the Self-Assessment tool relate to chartered membership?

The tool can be used to help you to understand what level of competence you are working at in each of the five competence areas. Your self-assessment on its own does not prove your competence at that level. The chartered membership application process requires you to provide case study evidence to support your self-declared level of competence. 

What does it qualify me for?

It does not qualify you for anything. It is a developmental tool, but if you are honest in your self-assessment it will be an invaluable aid in your professional development. 

Where is the Profession Map Self-Assessment tool?

It is in the Quality Learning Hub. If you are a CQI or IRCA member you can access it for free via the members’ area of 

If you are not a member you can buy access to it through the CQI store. 

Is there a deadline for completing self-assessments?

No. This is something to do as a part of your CPD routine on an ongoing basis.

Can I retake an assessment?

Yes. Once you have completed your CPD activities we recommend retaking the relevant assessment to confirm whether you have met your development needs.

Which competence area should I start with?

That is entirely up to you and what your personal CPD priorities are.

What do I score myself if a competence statement is not relevant to my role?

If a competence statement has no relevance to your past or current employment in quality we recommend scoring it a 1, and ignoring any recommendations that the system generates. If you feel that there is some relevance to your personal skill set even if it is not required in your current role, then score it according to the level of confidence that you have in your skills, knowledge and behaviours.

Tiers of competence

Tier 1

You are able to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of key quality terminology and concepts related to each competence element. You understand the purpose and importance of the Components of Competence set out within the framework. You can demonstrate your application of the skills and knowledge described in straightforward/non-complex situations and under supervision. You know where to source guidance and best practice information. You are aware of your levels of competence and do not go beyond them unguided. 

Tier 2

You are able to undertake activities that address the Components of Competence set out within the framework. You demonstrate a consistent application of the skills and knowledge described while working independently (unsupervised) in straightforward/non-complex situations. In more complex situations you are able to contribute to activities with appropriate guidance. You can apply and identify good practice, and identify when things are not right, highlighting issues as appropriate and contributing to the resolution of non-complex issues. 

Tier 3

You are knowledgeable on the activities that address the Components of Competence set out within the framework, to the extent that you would be able to supervise and train others. You have extensive experience of applying the skills, knowledge and behaviours described, in both straightforward and complex situations. You are able to carry out complex, non-standard tasks consistently generating effective solutions when required from established best practice or contributing to the design of new approaches. 

Tier 4

You have the ability to lead, develop or advise on the activities that address the Components of Competence set out in the framework. You have detailed knowledge and may be consulted by others in the organisation, industry or profession. You can solve complex problems and succeed in complex situations, if necessary, generating innovative solutions or designing new approaches. 

If you are a quality professional in a strategic or leadership role you are involved in shaping and leading an organisational-level approach to the development and deployment of goals and objectives, strategies, policies and plans, and supervising and leading actions undertaken by others. 

For any further questions, please email [email protected]