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Your professional development

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The modern quality professional works in an ever-changing environment where standards, business trends, and quality management practice is constantly changing.

Membership of the CQI will help you to stay at the forefront of the profession. Wherever you want your career in quality to take you, the CQI will help you to get there.

Competency Framework

By utilising the CQI’s Competency Framework you can undertake a structured process of critical self-evaluation, which when coupled with a commitment to continuing professional development (cpd) will help you to develop yourself and your career.

Find out more about the Competency Framework here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The CQI has an approach to CPD that is all about your development needs. Only Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows are required to do CPD but we believe everyone can benefit from our approach.

We do not require you to complete a set number of CPD hours per year or CPD points. Instead we ask you to identify at least three development needs and then:

Plan the activities that will help you meet your development needs
Do the activities
Record what you have done
Reflect on whether your needs have been met. Then start the Plan-Do-Record-Reflect cycle again.

To find out more about CPD click here.

CQI Mentoring

Our mentoring programme is designed to match less experienced with more experienced members. Whether you want to become a mentor, mentee, or both, it's a great two-way learning process. Find out more here.

Professional Development Support

From in-depth features in Quality World and our e-library to practical 'Knowledge' articles, and from Branch events to Special Interest Groups, the CQI offers you many opportunities to learn, network and develop.