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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The CQI's special interest groups (SIGs) are a place for our members to explore their particular interests and specialisms. Find out more about our SIGs here and register to join one.

CQI Renewable Energy SIG

Launched in February 2022, this SIG aims to inform members on the competency and standards that exist in the sphere of renewable energy.

Sustainability SIG (SusSIG)

The SusSIG was officially launched by the CQI in November 2021 as part of World Quality Week, the theme being Sustainability: improving our products, people and planet.


Launched in August 2021, the committee is working on a variety of topics within assurance and prioritising the most pressing matters for our members.

CQI Deming Special Interest Group

The CQI's Deming Special Interest Group (DemSIG) brings together quality professionals to explore the ideas and work of the renowned quality pioneer W Edwards Deming.

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