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Legacy of Covid-19 for the audit profession

Published: 11 Dec 2023

It is nearly four years since the Covid-19 pandemic significantly altered the way in which we work. Senior Auditor Pedro Mejias takes a look at the pandemic’s legacy on remote audit.

Continuing risk-based audits during a pandemic

Published: 8 Jul 2021

Gordon McNeil, IRCA Principal Auditor, has conducted audits globally in a variety of industries, including nuclear, defence, aerospace and civil aviation. He shares his experience and advice on how remote audits can continue to be conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Resilience at the heart of the nation’s defence

Published: 7 Apr 2021

Lisa Taylor, CQP MCQI, Corporate Quality Manager at Dstl, explains how the organisation's resilience planning meant it was able to pivot quickly to remote working and continue to support government and its existing customers in the UK’s response to Covid-19.

Managing supply chains post Brexit

Published: 23 Mar 2021

Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), talks to Daniel Moore about how Brexit will impact supply chains and logistics in 2021.

Adapting to the new normal: third-party audits

Published: 24 Feb 2021

Damien Tiller, CQP MCQI, IRCA Lead PQMS and QMS Auditor, highlights the way the SOC® Service Organizations: Trust Services Criteria Report could overcome the difficulties inherent in remote auditing.

Driving quality excellence in 2021

Published: 15 Feb 2021

Eric Stoop, CEO at EASE Inc – a developer of plant floor audits and insights software in the US – provides his top five tips to help manufacturing businesses overcome the obstacles posed by Covid-19.  

Auditing Santa's Workshop

Published: 15 Dec 2020

With Christmas soon approaching, Hussain Ali, CQP MCQI, Quality Manager at Jacobs Engineering, explains how an audit at Santa’s Workshop taught him how to deliver more efficient audits during and after the festive season.

Auditing in the 'new normal'

Published: 15 Dec 2020

Roland Tan, Principal Consultant/Director at EQOSH Management Pty Ltd, Australia, provides some key considerations and guidance for performing audits in the ‘new normal’.