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CQI Council

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The council's role and current members.

The CQI Council is made up of a broad set of stakeholders for quality management and the quality profession. Ordinary Members are elected by the membership and stakeholder members are elected by the CQI Council. A number of Membership Council members will continue to serve on the Council to ensure a smooth transition.

The Council will:

  • Bring to the Board’s attention any threats or opportunities relating to the achievement of the CQI’s purpose and strategy

CQI Council Ordinary Members only will: 

  • Elect members of the Board of Trustees, except those co-opted by the Board, in accordance with the Charter and Bye-laws. The CQI Membership Council may remove any members of the Board in accordance with the Charter and Bye-laws.
  •  Elect stakeholder members of the CQI Council.
  • When appropriate, request an Extraordinary General Meeting. 

Council members


Rashad Issa (interim until the 1st meeting)

Ordinary Members

  • Marc Elmes 
  • Angela Fumpson 
  • Barry Avis 
  • Tony Brachmanski 
  • Mehrdad Kamali 
  • Dave Smith
  • Nicola Selway 
  • Sarah Harper 
  • Cheryl Orourke
  • David Edwards
  • Steve Savage 
  • Marie-Claude Laubier
  • Leigh Henderson
  • Mark Eydman

Stakeholder members
To be announced… 

CQI news

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