Throughout the coming year, the CQI will be releasing a series of videos discussing the changing face of quality over the past 100 hundred years.

The first video explains how the quality discipline has driven advances across every sector, including manufacturing, construction, retail, and automotive.

Speaking in the video, Kate Smith, Managing Director at Capella Associates said: “[In the] early 1900s, mass production took over from the ‘craftsman age’ and introduced the whole idea of manufacturing on a larger scale, larger volumes.

“[The] Second World War brought thinking around TQM ‘Total Quality Management’ where statistics, mathematics and quality principles were introduced to industry and that enabled the Japanese auto industry to develop and export higher quality, more reliable products at a lower cost.”

Estelle Clark, Executive Director of Policy at the CQI added: “By the time we’d reached the 1960s, you were getting products and services that are taking advantage of the ability to build global supply chains to transport items to you from almost anywhere around the globe.”

Watch the full video to learn more about how quality has changed over the past 100 years and how advances in technology, such as AI, will help the profession.