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Sherif Nasser CQP FCQI

A quality journey to Fellow

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Sherif Nasser CQP FCQI
Published: 25 Sep 2023

As part of our series of Q&As with CQI Fellows, Sherif Nasser CQP FCQI tells us about his journey to becoming a Fellow of the CQI.

What was your journey into quality?

My journey began as a quality engineer and within eight years I advanced to the role of Quality Director. I obtained a diploma in Quality Management in 2010 and registered at IRCA in 2011. In 2012, I earned my ASQ CMQ/OE Certificate. Achieving Chartered membership at the CQI followed in 2013 and since 2015, I have actively participated as a speaker at international conferences. In 2020, I attained Fellow membership and two years later, I became a registered quality expert with the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Additionally, I have worked as a freelance quality trainer, mentor, consultant, and coach.

When and why did you decide to join the CQI?

I joined the CQI due to its prestigious reputation and – at that time – its near 100-year history in quality. Being part of the CQI offered valuable networking opportunities with global professionals, allowing me to expand my knowledge and benefit from their expertise. It was a crucial step for my professional development, meaning I stay updated with quality advancements. Achieving Fellow grade in 2020 marked a proud milestone in my CQI journey.

What prompted you to become a CQI Fellow?

Becoming a CQI Fellow was prompted by several factors. Firstly, it provided me with an excellent opportunity to expand my professional network and connect with renowned experts. The CQI's reputation as a leading institute in the quality domain further motivated me to pursue fellowship status. By becoming a Fellow, I could actively contribute to, and benefit from, staying updated with the latest developments and advancements in quality practices.

Overall, it was a progression in my continuous learning and professional growth within the quality community.

"Being a Fellow has enhanced my professional network and connections, allowing me to engage with renowned experts in the field."

Sherif Nasser CQP FCQI, Senior Quality Assurance and Excellence Manager at Parsons Corporation

How did you find the regrading process?

I found the process fantastic – I successfully achieved the desired grade on my first attempt. The website provided a clear and well-defined process for stages 1 and 2, and the criteria were also transparent. The team involved in the process displayed a high level of professionalism.

How did the CQI support with the regrading process?

During the regrading process, I sought guidance from a mentor on the CQI mentorship platform who had already undergone a similar journey. Their support was invaluable and greatly aided my success. I also found great value in watching the informative videos offered on the CQI website by the Chair of the membership. The website also has very useful tips and clarity to assist any member to acquire this grade.

What has been the benefits to your career in becoming a Fellow?

Becoming a Fellow has been highly beneficial to my career. It is a remarkable achievement as Fellows represent the highest grade, and only a select few attain this distinction. Being a Fellow has enhanced my professional network and connections, allowing me to engage with renowned experts in the field. Additionally, it has provided opportunities to stay updated with the latest knowledge and advancements, ensuring that my expertise remains current and relevant. Overall, achieving Fellow status has significantly contributed to my career growth and recognition within the industry.

What advice or top tips would you give to anyone who is considering regrading to Fellow?

My top tips for anyone considering regrading to Fellow are:

  • thoroughly read the criteria and information provided on the CQI website;
  • seek assistance from a mentor if needed;
  • don't be discouraged if you don't achieve it on your first attempt.

Remember, ‘not yet’ does not mean ‘failed’. Keep striving and make another attempt when the time is right. I am confident that with persistence, you will eventually attain your well-deserved Fellow status.

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