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Women in quality: Susanne Karg

Published: 24 Feb 2020

Susanne Karg, Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Elekta, speaks to the CQI about her latest achievements and how she's making her mark on the quality profession. 

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Women in quality: Mami Kataoka

Published: 20 Feb 2020

The CQI speaks with Mami Kataoka, Chief of Quality Control at Nabtesco Precision Equipment Company in Japan, to find out how she has raised the profile of quality and improved processes in her organisation

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Second-party audits: An improvement opportunity for ISO 9001?

Published: 11 Feb 2020

Gordon McNeil, CQP MCQI, IRCA Principal Auditor, explains the importance of second-party audits, and the role that accreditation and certification can play

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Success stories of women in quality

Published: 10 Feb 2020

As the lead up to International Women's Day (8 March) approaches, Daniel Moore finds out about the latest success stories from women who are championing quality and achieving great things within their sector.  

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A holistic approach to quality

Published: 5 Feb 2020

Derek Geyer, PCQI, and Quality Lead at Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick, UK, explains why construction requires a holistic approach to improve quality processes and deliver on customer expectations

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Meet the NNG Working Group

Published: 9 Dec 2019

Amanda McKay, Chair of CQI’s Nuclear Special Interest Group (NucSIG), Alan Grogan, Head of Quality at Nuvia UK and James Brown secretary of NucSIG and Chair of the Nuclear Next Generation (NNG) group, discuss how the newly-formed NNG Working Group will help alleviate the skills gap and &ldq

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Quality for all generations in nuclear

Published: 7 May 2019

James Brown PCQI, Quality Manager at James Fisher Nuclear Limited, and Secretary for CQI’s Nuclear Special Interest Group (NucSIG), talks to Alicia Dimas, from the CQI, about NucSIG’s event ‘The importance of Project Quality in the nuclear sector’, that took place on 27 Ma

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