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An overview of risk management

Published: 12 Sep 2022

Bob Hughes CQP FCQI, Director of Temple QMS, highlights how proper risk management enhances the work of the quality profession, outlining the benefits of an effective risk review of a management system.

Common sense when auditing a micro organisation

Published: 12 Sep 2022

Auditors are trained to audit large organisations with complex structures, but auditing micro organisations may need a rather different approach. IRCA Technical Assessor Horacio Martirena, Director of M&A Consultores in Argentina, gives a scenario of how common sense can be applied in such a situation.  

Is a scoring system needed in ISO 9001?

Published: 30 Aug 2022

Michael Burton PCQI, Quality & Improvement Business Partner at Amey Consulting, calls on quality professionals to challenge the status quo of what ISO 9001 offers, and suggests a grading system for auditors to follow that would clearly identify which organisations are going above and beyond in achieving their certification.  

From auditing to accountability

Published: 5 Aug 2022

Riccardo Bianconi, Lead Auditor and Accredia Assessor, Coach and Trainer, outlines the importance of listening during the audit process, and makes the case for creating an audit tool through which the board of an organisation, as well as process managers, can demonstrate accountability.  

Improving auditing processes with a quality lens

Published: 5 Aug 2022

Wajahat Ali, a Lead Auditor and Senior Operational Excellence Lead at global mobile satellite communications organisation Inmarsat, discusses how the application of a ‘quality lens’ has helped him unlock the quality potential in organisations.

Testing mobile application quality

Published: 3 Aug 2022

Every one of us who uses a mobile device has inadvertently become a quality assurance tester. But for experienced professional quality assurance engineers there is a long checklist of verifications that are vital to ensuring a quality product, says Quality Assurance Engineer Olga Radionchik.  

Adding value in project audits

Published: 28 Jun 2022

Project consultant and author Lesley Elder-Aznar outlines the most common mistakes in project audits and gives advice on how to avoid the pitfalls.

Changing sectors as a quality professional

Published: 28 Jun 2022

The CQI’s recent Workforce Insight research showed that 57% of the surveyed quality professionals expected the next stage of their career would be within the quality profession. Of those, 15% plan to seek promotion with a new employer. Darrell Johnston took up a new role as Quality Manager at Neogen Europe earlier this year, having previously worked in quality roles within the NHS and Spire Healthcare Group. Here, he outlines what considerations should be taken into account when changing quality career.

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