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Counterfeiting in the nuclear sector

Published: 27 Jun 2022

The nuclear sector is a heavily regulated industry, but constant vigilance is required for counterfeit suspect fraudulent items. The CQI’s Chair, Amanda McKay CQP FCQI, Director of Quality at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, tells us how the nuclear industry works to avoid any instances of counterfeit materials.

The art of calibration

Published: 13 Jun 2022

It’s critical to maintain the measurement accuracy of test instruments if they are to work properly, explains Steve Winder, Service Sales Manager at Calibrationhouse,  which provides UKAS accredited calibration services for all types of of electronic equipment. 

Life cycle of ISO 14001:2015

Published: 13 Jun 2022

According to the CQI Workforce Insights 2021-22 research, 22% of quality and audit professionals have roles or responsibilities for environmental management. Sustainable development goals should form a key part of the business process, says IRCA Principal Auditor Ravindiran Gurusamy, as he examines the lifecycle perspective of ISO 14001 and its importance in achieving sustainable development goals. 

Determining legal requirements in auditing

Published: 13 Jun 2022

Chikaodili Juilet Hemeson, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the safety services consultancy Henzof Nigeria, highlights the need for determining legal requirements when conducting an audit. 

Effective management of an internal audit programme

Published: 11 May 2022

Andy Nichols CQP MCQI, Quality Program Manager at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center in the US, makes the case for why an accredited Internal Audit Programme Manager qualification and associated training course is necessary. 

An integrated approach to a lessons learned programme

Published: 9 May 2022

Houman Payami CQA, CQE, Office Quality Manager at the engineering construction company Fluor Corporation in the US, highlights the necessity of an integrated approach to a lessons learned programme for capital projects.  

The pros and cons of remote auditing

Published: 24 Mar 2022

Is remote auditing the ‘new norm’? Rasoul Aivazi, an Associate Auditor, International Project Quality Lead and member of the CQI’s Audit Special Interest Group, examines the benefits and drawbacks of carrying out an audit when not on site.  

Developing a professional personality

Published: 18 Mar 2022

Pedro Mejias, Senior Auditor with Consorcio Kaizen in Venezuela, reflects on the development of a professional personality during an auditor’s career.  

Selling the value of audit

Published: 10 Mar 2022

An audit is a core business tool, especially in challenging times, says the CQI’s Audit SIG Chairman William Rankin CQP FCQI, Senior Operational Quality Lead at Inmarsat. 

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