Published: 1 Nov 2016

A selection of thought provoking lectures to help boost your productivity and bring change through your work.

How great leaders inspire action 

Author Simon Sinek explains how he discovered a simple model for powerful leadership, drawing on influencers such as Martin Luther King and Apple. The model profoundly changed his outlook on the world and starts simply with the question ‘why?’

The next manufacturing revolution is here

Olivier Scalabre, head of BCG's Operations Practice for Western Europe, describes the fourth manufacturing revolution and how it will improve productivity, boost employment and lead to growth.  

Two reasons companies fail – and how to avoid them

Business strategist Knut Haanaes talks good governance in his lecture on business innovation. He explains how to ensure your organisation is at the forefront of industry without falling into major strategy traps. 

How to build a business that lasts 100 years

Strategist Martin Reeves compares organisations to the human immune system and explains how to use the six principles of living organisms to build a robust business that thrives in the face of change.

Smash fear, learn anything

Tim Ferriss, author of the bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek, will inspire you to gain fresh knowledge and learn new skills by following the simple mantra – ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’