Angela Fumpson, CQP MCQI

Angela Fumpson

Job title


Membership type

Chartered Quality Professional – Member (CQP MCQI)

“Everyone feels isolated in their job sometimes. It’s good to have conversations with like-minded people”

What CQI membership means to me

I run my own quality management consultancy and I’m chair of the CQI’s Avon branch in the south west of England.

I’ve used networking to help build up my own company. It’s important as it builds community and relationships and promotes your business through referrals. It helps to attend CQI branch events regularly, have a proactive approach to meeting new people and create a strategy for what you want from your networking.

Everyone feels isolated in their job sometimes, so it’s good to have conversations with like-minded people to find solutions. Most quality professionals in my area are facing the challenge of interpreting and integrating ISO 9001:2015, and this has been the focus for the local branch.

I continue my professional development by attending a lot of the CQI’s seminars and courses. I love to read, so the recommended business books and articles are a great source of knowledge.