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Discover the top 10 courses on the Quality Learning Hub

Our top ten courses on the Quality Learning Hub

With over 100 courses on the Quality Learning Hub, the following top ten have been selected based on user popularity. 

From foundational quality management principles to advanced leadership strategies, each course offers invaluable resources to support your career advancement journey.

Accessible via the Members' Area of the CQI website, these courses are tailored to meet your evolving needs, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of your field. Delve into a world of knowledge designed to empower your professional growth and enrich your skill set.

The Profession Map Self-Assessment Tool

A powerful new way way to drive your CPD activity. Coupled with the Quality Learning Hub, the Learning Plan, and the CQI Store, this tool serves as an invaluable resource, empowering you to supercharge your professional growth.

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Introduction to Quality 4.0

In this course you will be given a high-level overview of the CQI's Quality 4.0 working definition and supporting principles, and learn how they could be applied in your organisation or for your clients.

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An Efficient and Effective Audit Journey

Martin Rodgers, Director of Quality at Inmarsat discusses the evolution of auditing. From its introduction as a simple health check, development to conformance validation and expansion to provide a deeper understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes.

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Exploring the CQI's eight Quality 4.0 principles

Designed to give context and insight into CQI's eight Quality 4.0 principles. Gain a detailed explanation of each principle and see examples of the principles in action. 

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Learning from Excellence - Quality Leadership

Learn how winners and finalists recognised through the CQI’s International Quality Awards, are valued by their organisation and empowered to deliver change. These leaders discuss how they have used and align with the CQI Competency Framework (now the Profession Map).

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Aligning Quality with Context & Strategy

A facilitated discussion focussing on aligning quality with context & strategy.

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A Structured Approach to Transform Organisational Culture

Edyta Oborka-Kowalczyk provides an insight into - "CFMEA - A structured approach to transform organisational culture.

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Risk and Quality Management

Explore the importance of Risk Management in successful Quality Management with a focus on the use of Risk Registers.

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Remote Audit

Richard Green, Managing Director of Kingsford Consultancy talks about the practice, benefits and challenges of remote auditing.

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Non-conformances Don't Matter

A candid look at the way that non-conformance is managed in many companies and how the focus needs to shift in order to drive the improvements and risk planning methodologies expressed and implied throughout the various ISO standards.

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The Profession Map

The Profession Map

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