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​IRCA Quality Management Systems Certification Scheme

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The IRCA Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification Scheme is for auditors working with ISO 9001:2015.

Who the scheme is for

  • Quality management system auditors, such as those employed by third-party certification bodies/registrars or by purchasing organisations (second-party auditors)
  • Quality management practitioners, such as quality management consultants, quality managers and third-party certification managers
  • Employees conducting quality management system audits within their own organisations (internal audits).


As a quality management systems auditor, you will need to demonstrate that you:

  • Have knowledge of the basic quality management principles
  • Understand the quality management tools and techniques applied in organisations which enable you to assess a quality management system, and generate audit findings and conclusions
  • Understand an organisation’s operational activities and interactions, and their relationship with product quality.

Auditing experience

The audit experience that you acquire after you have successfully completed your course will determine your auditor certification grade. The auditing experience requirements for each grade are detailed here: Grades

Acceptable alternative standards

We may accept audits to alternative standards not listed on the IRCA certification scheme. To find out more please visit the Acceptable Alternative Standards page.

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Applying for IRCA certification FAQs

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