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Thought leadership

Read the latest interviews with CQI and IRCA members; learn more about volunteering for the CQI; and how to solve problems with The Profession Map.

Meet the volunteer: Denise Morrison

Published: 7 Jun 2019

In the last interview of this series for Volunteers’ Week 2019, the CQI speaks to Denise Morrison, Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality (HSEQ) Advisor for Quensh Specialists, about her role as a volunteer for the CQI North of Scotland Branch

Meet the volunteer: Victoria Derbyshire

Published: 6 Jun 2019

Victoria Derbyshire, Apprentice Quality Professional at Nuvia, talks to the CQI about her volunteer work as Publications Lead and Secretary for the Nuclear Next Generation group

Meet CQI volunteer Mike Buss

Published: 5 Jun 2019

Mike Buss, Head of Quality at Taylor Woodrow, explains how he uses his time as a CQI volunteer to actively contribute to quality improvement across the construction industry.

Meet the Fellow

Published: 5 Jun 2019

John Addey, former Quality Manager at BAE Systems, talks about what being a Fellow of the CQI means to him and encourages young quality professionals to build and diversify their experience

Meet CQI volunteer Isa Mohamed Hasan

Published: 4 Jun 2019

Isa Mohamed Hasan, Senior Quality Assurance and Environmental Manager at Chun Wo-CRGL-MBEC Joint Venture, reveals the rewards and highlights of being a volunteer for the CQI Hong Kong branch.

Meet the volunteer

Published: 3 Jun 2019

This week we celebrate the important work volunteers accomplish across the world. Each day we will publish an interview with one of our own volunteers, so that you will get to know them and find out more about what they do to help the CQI excel in its mission. Our first interviewee is Gemma Parnell, Quality Manager at Abbott Risk Consulting, and Chair for the CQI’s East of Scotland branch

How to motivate all employees to engage in improvement activities: a case study of DISCO Corporation

Published: 8 May 2019

DISCO Corporation, a company which is part of IRCA Japan OEA (Organisation Employing Auditors), provides design and development, manufacturing and related services for precision processing equipment and tools used in semiconductor manufacturing and other industries. In 2003, they introduced unique activities called PIM (Performance Innovation Management). Including PIM, they have established effective systems for motivating of its members, from top management to general employees, to be engaged in improvement. PIM activities are carried out not just at the head office in Tokyo, but also in the nanufacturing plants in Japan and in their local offices around the globe. Among these activities, the PIM matches are an entirely unique approach.

Linking measures to the voice of your customer

Published: 15 Mar 2019

Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh, Director Consultant, Practice Head Data Analytics and Insights at PMI, looks at the process for linking measures to the voice of your customer.

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