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​The best of the CQI eLibrary: sustainability

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Published: 9 Aug 2016

The CQI eLibrary is filled with thousands of the world’s leading professional articles, reports, journals and magazines. To aid your continuing professional development we have chosen three articles that examine the subject of sustainability.

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The power of sustainability to create shared value: Coca-Cola demonstrates that doing good is good for business, by Bea Perez

Coca-Cola is on a sustainability journey to grow its business and make a positive difference to people, communities and the environment. Bea Perez writes about this journey, including the partnerships forged and the innovation needed to succeed, while showing how this corporate giant is remaining a relevant and trusted organisation.

An architectural innovation approach to re-designing businesses and products for sustainability, by Lee Leemen, Wong Haw-Ran and Hu Jer-San

Social responsibility and environmental sustainability have emerged as core elements in business strategy and are an important source of innovation. As a result, there is a pressing need to re-design businesses and products. This study analyses one manufacturers journey toward environmental sustainability, including an innovative re-design of its products, processes, marketing and governance.

The governance of corporate sustainability: empirical insights into the development, leadership and implementation of responsible business strategy, by Alice Klettner, Thomas Clarke and Martijn Boersma

This study presents an empirical analysis of how corporate governance processes and structures are being used in large Australian companies to develop, lead and implement corporate strategies. The authors look at fifty large listed companies and the progress each company is making towards integrating sustainability into core business operations.

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