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Achieving the grade of Fellow

Published: 11 May 2020

Neil Stanbury, CQP FCQI, Site Quality Leader at MB Aerospace, speaks to Daniel Moore about his recent achievement of Fellowship status.

Daniel Moore: How long have you been in the quality profession for?

Neil Stanbury: I have been engaged within the quality profession since 2001. My first job in quality was as Director of Operations and Quality (Europe) for an American aerospace company, which specialises in the provision of aircraft flight structures and nacelle components.

DM: When did you become a member of the CQI?

NS: I became a member in 2002, and have been actively supporting the institute since 2012, initially through attendance at the CQI Cornwall and Devon Branch events.

In 2013, I became a member of the CQI’s Defence Special Interest Group (DSIG) Steering Committee, for which I became Chair in November 2017. 

DM: Why was it important for you to become a Fellow of the CQI?

NS: I saw the achievement of CQI Fellowship as a major milestone on my career pathway. I had mapped out an ideal career path some years ago, which saw me blend my time between both quality and the wider business disciplines. This included previous positions held such as operations director and general manager. I believe this approach is essential for the quality professional of today, ensuring that they can speak the language of the business they operate within. 

DM: How did you find the application process?

NS: The application process was relatively straightforward and easy to navigate. A suggestion to make it better would be a fully online system, adopting a workflow approach so that both the applicant and the CQI can identify the status of the application at any given point. This would also link to the member’s continuing professional development (CPD) log so that the portfolio of evidence would not necessarily require physical submission, but would be available to either party at all stages of the process.

DM: How will Fellowship help you in your career going forward?

NS: Having been a strong advocate for the quality profession for many years, it is my intention to use the Fellow grade to continue to support the work of the CQI in changing the conversation on quality and influencing business on the value that the quality professional brings to the discussion. I also aim to continue supporting the development of the quality profession, passing my knowledge and experience on to the next generation of quality professionals through programmes such as the CQI’s Mentoring programme.

DM: What are your professional plans for the future?

NS: To continue working with people-centric and value-driven organisations that recognise the value that quality brings in terms of enhancing customer experience and supporting business growth.

DM: What advice would you give to other members who are thinking about applying for Fellowship status?

NS: I would actively encourage them to apply for it and not to be daunted by the process in any way. In my view, the key to this process is to ensure that you measure yourself accurately against the application criteria, ensure you have the required evidence to support this, and then be able to effectively articulate this to the Fellowship Panel during your interview.