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Watch: Four TED talks for innovation

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Published: 14 Feb 2017

Inspiring lectures to help boost your productivity and spark new ideas in your work

The incredible inventions of intuitive AI

Futurist Maurice Conti takes viewers on a tour of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, asking can robots and humans work side-by-side? Expect case studies from Airbus and the construction sector.

Where is cybercrime really coming from? 

Caleb Barlow is a security expert for IBM. Here, he calls out companies on their lacklustre data protection strategies and offers his ideas to develop a solution. 

Five ways to lead in an era of constant change

Organisational change expert Jim Hemerling outlines five essentials for tackling change and explains why being a modern leader means putting people at the heart of your strategy. 

Are you a giver or a taker?

Adam Grant is an organisational psychologist. In this thought-provoking talk he describes the three basic types of people: givers, takers and matchers, and offers strategies for creating an innovative culture that empowers everyone. 

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