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Media coverage on CQI’s view of ISO 45001

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Published: 29 May 2018

Estelle Clark, Executive Director of Policy at the CQI, writes about the institute’s position on the recent publication of ISO 45001.

The news service Thomson Reuters featured an article by Estelle Clark, Executive Director of Policy at the CQI, on 18 May, regarding the recent publication of ISO 45001 ‘Occupational health & safety management systems – requirements with guidance for use’.

CQI’s position on ISO 45001 has also been published on Safety Management Magazine by the British Safety Council, Health & Safety at Work, and European CEO, amongst other publications.

In her article, Clark instigates businesses to improve health and safety through their supply chains. She talks about the importance of standards and legislation to avoid catastrophes, such as the Bangladeshi factory collapse and deadly pollution leaks.

“Placing a contract and washing our hands of all responsibility is simply not good enough,” Clark says. “Businesses need to be asking themselves: What are we asking people to do, and are they going to be safe while they do it?”

She says that, although ISO 45001 will not resolve all the health and safety problems in the world, it is a first step towards a change in behaviours.

“Major businesses must now encourage suppliers to work towards the adoption of ISO 45001, and make certification a necessary requirement of their purchasing and specification process.”

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