Course code
PT253/ PT254/ PT211
8 - 16 hours

ISO 22000:2018 is now the new standard for Food Safety Management Systems. The deadline to transition to this standard passed on 31 December 2021. However, we understand that some auditors may not have had a business need to transition by the deadline. This auditor transition training will help you update your knowledge and skills and progress from ISO 22000:2005 to ISO 22000:2018.

The scheme requirements for transition are:

  • A module covering Annex SL
  • A module covering the audit skills applicable to ISO 22000:2018

Recommended prior knowledge: An in-depth knowledge of ISO 22000:2005

Course options

Complete either Option 1 or Option 2:

  • Option 1 - PT253: FSMS ISO 22000:2018 (Combined) Auditor Transition - 16 hours

This course includes both the Annex SL content and the content specific to ISO 22000:2018 as a combined programme over two days.

  • Option 2 - PT254: FSMS ISO 22000:2018 (Modular) Auditor Transition – 8 hours, and PT211: Annex SL (Module 1) – 8 hours

This option has two separate modules: one for the Annex SL content and one for the ISO 22000:2018-specific content. Some approved training providers offer the two modules as separate courses, for the benefit of auditors certificated to more than one scheme who do not want to repeat the Annex SL content.

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