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​Internal Auditor

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The Internal Auditor grade is designed for anyone who has undertaken an IRCA-approved auditing course and conducted 5 Internal audits since completing their course.

Benefits of Internal Auditor membership

Internal Auditors gain access to the IRCA member benefits including our resource, networking and development platforms. Benefits of the Internal Auditor grade include:

  • Professional Recognition: Our IRCA Internal Auditors will have their name added to the IRCA register and receive the IRCA digital card and logo which will add further recognition to them in the auditing field.
  • Networking: We have thousands of members across our memberships and becoming an Internal Auditor will allow you to interact with our network through our 29 branches, 11 Special Interest Groups and our exclusive LinkedIn group.
  • Resources: Our content materials including our Quality World articles and webinars online, in-depth ISO reports, and access to our E-library.
  • Development tools: Our development tools including our CPD toolmentoring platformProfession mapQuality Careers hub, and Quality Learning hub.

For a more in-depth view of our benefits, please see our benefits page here.

These benefits will encourage and assist you to enhance your career and recognise you as an experienced Internal Auditor.

Grade Requirements


You must have successfully completed:

  • An IRCA Certified Foundation course and IRCA Certified Internal Auditor Training course,


  • A relevant IRCA Certified Auditor/Lead Auditor Training course.

Note: IRCA may consider applications from auditors who have successfully completed an Internal Auditor course but not the respective Foundation course if they demonstrate sufficient work experience and sector understanding.

Auditing experience

You must have successfully completed a minimum of five internal audits all of which:

  • Were of a minimum duration of three hours
  • Included all elements of the audit cycle
  • Did not involve business areas or activities in which you work.
  • Were conducted after your IRCA Certified Training
  • Were conducted within the 5 years of the date of your application

In total, your audit experience must be a minimum of two audit days.

We do not require audit reports at initial application submission however, these may be requested during the assessment to support your application.

IRCA Certification Schemes

The IRCA has 14 certification schemes covering a range of ISO standards including ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO13485.

For a full list of certification schemes please click here.

You must have taken an IRCA-approved auditing course in the standard/s of the scheme/s you are applying for.

Apply online to join IRCA

Complete the online application form, filling in the details of your training and audits. 

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Alternative grades, regrading and fees

Alternative grades

If you do not meet the auditing requirements for this grade but you have completed the relevant training, did you know you can join us as an Associate Auditor?

Associate Auditors can access many of the same member benefits including their name on the IRCA register and you will be able to regrade once you have conducted the required number of audits.


You may regrade at anytime during your membership to an alternative IRCA grade. You will not need to pay an additional membership fee to regrade however a small regrade fee is due to process your application.


For all new membership applications, there are two fees to pay; a one-off application fee to process your application and an annual membership fee. The annual membership fee for IRCA covers a 12 month period (1 year). A membership fee will be due for each scheme you are registered on. For a link to the fees, please click here.


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