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Woman wearing glasses looking at a computer screen processing data.

Leading digital transformation with quality excellence

Woman wearing glasses looking at a computer screen processing data.
Published: 13 Jun 2024

As a leading membership body for quality professionals, the CQI’s ongoing programme of research to benchmark what the quality profession looks like is critical. Our recent survey of members' views on Quality 4.0 and the impact of quality management on achieving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals generated valuable insight from our members. 

The pace of digital transformation presents challenges and opportunities – disrupting traditional principles, practices, and tools – and there should be gains for quality professionals. As tradition and innovation meet, organisations would be advised to position quality professionals as strategic business partners to design, implement, and embed Quality 4.0 principles and help deliver on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments.  

The response rate to our survey saw a 58% increase from previous years – a clear indicator that Quality 4.0 and ESG goals remain fundamental to the quality profession. We are committed to researching and sharing our understanding of the new knowledge, skills, and behaviours professionals need for the evolving technology landscape. 

Members’ insights  

Our survey insights enable us to understand our members' needs in delivering quality excellence for Quality 4.0 and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.  

There was strong agreement (85% of respondents) that quality professionals must acquire and develop new competence profiles to leverage digital technologies in quality management. These competencies will help mitigate potential future threats to the profession while positioning quality management as a strategic asset for organisations to deliver ESG targets. 

Through observing the trends in the introduction of digital technologies, and AI in particular, the CQI has recognised the need to provide its members with leading-edge knowledge and development resources to stay relevant and valuable. This survey ensures that it is focusing its research and content creation processes on what is most concerning its members.

Mike Turner, Head of Profession, CQI 

However, this strength of agreement is less pronounced (78% of respondents) when it comes to the risks posed by digital technologies to the future of the roles of quality and audit professionals. By understanding and learning from these insights, we can provide relevant tools and resources to support quality professionals in building and developing their skills and knowledge to remain agile and adaptable. 

Meeting the changing needs of quality professionals 

We are continually delivering on our commitment to support members through our new Quality Learning Hub and The Profession Map. With enhanced knowledge and skills, quality professionals are uniquely positioned to embed a quality culture, drive positive change, and achieve organisational success through digital transformation.  

In our survey, 92% of respondents agreed with the statement that quality and audit professionals can also help their businesses deliver ESG targets. We have already seen progress in Quality 4.0 strategies implemented by our members and corporate partners, but more professionals are seeing how they can support the delivery of ESG targets.  

Believing technology is enabling change rather than creating it, BAM Nuttall has been embracing technology and digital ways of working to improve the safety and sustainability of their projects. Global geotechnics and foundation engineering specialists Bachy Soletanche, won our International Quality Award 2023 for sustainability for their ambitious carbon reduction strategy. This sustainability drive is at the heart of the organisation. Committed to a net-zero carbon future, Bachy Soletanche also helps clients to fulfil their sustainability agendas.  

The CQI offers world-class expertise on how organisations can improve the value of their products, services, systems, and processes to become more efficient, competitive, and sustainable. We will continue to invest in research and develop purpose-driven resources for a dynamic future workforce so individuals, organisations, and societies can thrive. 

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