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No 10 Downing Street, London

CQI CEO urges the new UK government to put process excellence at the heart of its growth strategy

No 10 Downing Street, London
Published: 9 Jul 2024

In response to the General Election result, the CQI CEO, Vince Desmond, urges the new government to champion process excellence as a core part of its growth strategy. 

As we enter the first week of a new government, the UK must demonstrate its commitment to productivity and competitiveness to drive economic and sustainable growth, deliver better public services and to improve living standards across society.  

We welcome the new government’s focus on driving sustainable growth supported by investment in a comprehensive industrial strategy, investment in skills, and investment in principled innovation. However, there is one vital ingredient missing: process. 

Opportunities for growth  

A lack of effective business processes and quality culture results in inefficient work, substandard outcomes for customers and citizens, and loss of competitive edge in both the private and public sectors. Conversely, transforming and aligning processes, people, and technology through investment, leadership, and a quality culture results in lean, innovative, and competitive organisations.  

The good news is that improving the management of quality within our economy at pace and at scale is achievable with the resources available at the UK’s fingertips. The new government has an existing, world-class quality ecosystem in the UK.

 The Chartered Quality Institute and our members are ideally positioned to support a competitive transformation through the promotion of good quality management practice.   

Vince Desmond, CEO, CQI 

Championing quality excellence 

Pace and scale are now crucial. Other economies have realised that quality is central to sustained growth and success – and achieving a competitive edge. Their focus on quality management excellence is delivering results.  

This year the Chartered Quality Institute is promoting a shift in mentality: from compliance to performance. In short, we need to focus on transforming how we work and what we deliver, not accepting the status quo. A good start would be seeing the government championing quality management excellence as a core element in its promised, new industrial strategy, and introducing quality management within government departments as a foundation for its strategic delivery ambition.

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