The IRCA Occupational Health and Safety Certification Scheme is for auditors using ISO 45001.

Who the scheme is for

  • OH&S professionals intending to demonstrate competence in audit management performance
  • Management systems auditors (eg quality, environmental, IT) who have a strong understanding of OH&S issues and can demonstrate that they are competent to participate in OH&S or integrated management
  • OH&S management system auditors who wish to have their competence as auditors recognised.


As an OH&S management systems auditor you will need to demonstrate that you:

- Understand and can use OH&S management methods and techniques that enable you to examine OH&S management systems, and to generate appropriate audit findings and conclusions

- Possess OH&S technical knowledge, skills and experience such as the management of risk, health and safety activities in the workplace including chemical, physical and biological hazards, and legal and organisational factors in the country or area of operation

- Have relevant work experience. This could include:

  • A full-time role as a manager, supervisor, engineer or technician, involved in technical aspects of facility operation in compliance with OH&S regulations
  • Implementation and maintenance of OH&S or integrated management systems involving health and safety compliance management
  • Monitoring compliance with health and safety law and regulation, on behalf of a regulating body
  • Auditing OH&S management systems on behalf of an accredited certification body
  • Assessment of supplier probity against an acceptable OH&S management system standard on behalf of an employing organisation
  • Provision of appropriate consultancy services involving OH&S
  • Full-time role relating to the performance of OH&S risk assessment and management of safety audits of all types (not necessarily system audits).

The scheme is based on the auditing key standard BS OHSAS 18001:Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements (latest issue), HSG65 and BS8800 (latest issues).