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Rachel Wood PCQI Six Pillars Consulting Level 4 Quality Practitioner

Value-adding apprenticeship

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Rachel Wood PCQI Six Pillars Consulting Level 4 Quality Practitioner
Published: 13 Jun 2024

As part of a series of articles on different quality qualifications, Rachel Wood PCQI, Quality Associate at the Callisto Pharma Group in the UK, outlines her experience of undertaking the Level 4 Quality Practitioner course, studying with Six Pillars Consulting.

Q: How did you first hear about quality as a job?

A: I was aware of quality across industries, but had never worked directly with a quality department or with a quality professional until I joined my current employer, in March 2021.

Q: What was your first quality role?

A: Quality administrator at the Callisto Pharma Group, a pharmaceutical consultancy.

Q: Why did you decide to undertake further learning in quality management?

A: To enhance my understanding of the subject and its practical application in my role. Quality management plays a crucial role in ensuring that products and services meet customer expectations and comply with industry standards.

Q: Why did you decide to choose this qualification?

A: It was actually my employer who made the decision for me, as it recognised that this apprenticeship would not only equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in my role, but also add value to the business as a whole – and it was absolutely right!

Q: What objectives and outcomes did you hope to achieve, and has it met your expectations?

A: The Quality Practitioner apprenticeship not only surpassed my initial expectations, but also transformed my skills, knowledge and confidence within the quality management sector. Through a combination of theoretical learning, hands-on application and on-the-job training, I went from knowing little to becoming a confident and proficient quality practitioner.

My tutors/contacts, Mark and Terri Eydman, were incredibly supportive throughout the whole process. Having this support was so important.

Q: What were the key highlights of what you learned?

A: The importance of implementing effective quality-control measures to identify defects and prevent nonconformances. I also learned how to develop and maintain quality management systems, ensuring that they align with industry best practices and standards such as ISO 9001.

Q: How has this qualification impacted on you and your work?

A: For me, it has highlighted the importance of continual improvement within a business and/or industry. Since completing this qualification, I have noticed a significant impact on my professional growth and knowledge within my sector. I am able to approach my tasks with greater confidence, knowing that I have a solid understanding of quality management principles and tools.

Q: What advice would you give others who are considering doing this qualification?

A: Undertaking the Quality Practitioner apprenticeship offers a transformative opportunity to enhance individual competence and drive positive change within an organisation.

Embrace curiosity, nurture collaboration, and cultivate open-mindedness. Engaging with colleagues, seeking improvement opportunities, and embracing new ideas ensure continuous growth and success in the realm of quality management.

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