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Leading Strategic Change and Improvement

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40 hours (indicative)


This course provides leadership skills in the development of improvement programmes and provides delegates with the capability of coaching and facilitating all levels of the organisation in a variety of approaches to change and improvement.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for those who are currently practicing quality and are in, or aspire to leadership or senior management roles.

Indicative course content

  • Change and organisational culture:
    • Organisations as systems and system thinking
    • Linking strategy with organisation systems
    • Linking strategy with improvement programmes
    • Coaching others in the use of PDCA  
  • Frameworks for change:
    • Project lifecycle management
    • Governance structures
    • Development of effective and engaging review processes
    • Leading stakeholder management
    • Integrating risk management into change programmes
    • Innovation approaches and methodologies
  • Coaching techniques for step change improvement approaches:
    • Lean
    • Six Sigma
    • TQM
    • TPM
    • Kaizen
    • Innovation
  • Roles in change and improvement initiatives:
    • Steering team and team members
    • Improvement sponsor
    • Improvement initiative leader
    • Initiative team members
    • Coaching to improve the effectiveness of roles
  • Facilitating and building commitment with top management teams:
    • Influencing techniques when working with top management teams
    • Supporting the selection of change and improvement priorities
  • Developing change programmes:
    • Coaching project definition, sponsorship and chartering
    • External providers and stakeholders
    • Managing and governance of change programmes
    • Review processes
  • Enterprise-wide stakeholder management:
    • Supply chain considerations
    • Working with key stakeholders and partners
  • Managing and governance of change programmes:
    • Overview of programme lifecycle
    • Governance processes for programmes
  • Sponsorship, governance and the role of the sponsor:
    • Governance structures for sponsors
    • Key behaviours for effective sponsors
  • Effective programme reviews:
    • A process for programme review
    • Typical agendas and preparation
    • Facilitation techniques for reviews

This course includes a two and a half hour multiple choice examination.

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