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Leveraging Quality 4.0 to enhance customer experience

Published: 22 Sep 2023

This, our first co-created report with US-based research and consulting firm Gartner, provides an in-depth analysis of the actions organisations need to take to prepare for the major customer shifts and increase in customer expectations.

The report, Use Quality 4.0 to Enhance Customer Experience, outlines seven distinct key external drivers, including convergence of physical and digital experiences, increased data collection and privacy needs, and expectations for ecosystem reliability. These seven drivers, considered in the report with the CQI's eight Quality 4.0 principles, enable both organisations and quality leaders to better understand, serve and develop relationships with customers.

The report also offers an in-depth look at three ‘simple and digestible actions quality leaders should take to ensure their Quality 4.0 plans enable their organisations to meet customer expectations’ – stop relying on second-hand customer data; start solving tomorrow’s customer issues today, and keep the human touch. 

The CQI's Policy Manager, Alexander Woods:

 "Embracing a strategic approach to the digital transformation of quality, driven by a profound understanding of customers, will be a cornerstone of success for quality leaders. Customer expectations have and will continue to evolve. It’s important that organisations listen to customers directly, anticipate further needs, and develop empathetic and direct relationships.”

Ensuring your Quality 4.0 strategy helps meet increasing customer expectations