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Practitioner (PCQI)

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The key aspect of the Practitioner grade is about recognising the hard work you have already done and are currently doing to support you to develop your career in the quality profession.

Benefits of Practitioner membership

Members at this grade will gain recognition and credibility across their organisations for the skilled work they do. Practitioners will receive the PCQI postnominals as well as use of the PCQI logo and certificate. Practitioners can take advantage of all of the CQI's member benefits including our resource, networking and development platforms.

  • Professional Recognition: Our Practitioner and Chartered Member grades provide you with use of unique post-nominals as well as use of our online logos and certificates adding further recognition to you and your company’s profile.

  • Networking: We have thousands of members across our memberships and becoming a Practitioner will allow you to interact with our network through our 29 branches, 11 Special Interest Groups and our exclusive LinkedIn group.

  • Resources: Our content materials including our quarterly Quality World magazine,  Quality World articles and webinars, in-depth ISO reports, and access to our E-library.

  • Development tools: Our development tools including our CPD toolmentoring platform, Profession mapQuality Careers hub, and Quality Learning hub.

For a more in-depth view of our benefits, please see our benefits page here.

These benefits will encourage and assist you to enhance your career and regrade to Chartered Quality Professional when you are ready to take the next step.

Grade Requirements

To be eligible to join at this grade you must meet both the work experience and the training/qualifications criteria.

Work experience

You must have a minimum of two years’ work experience in any aspect of quality.


You must have successfully completed a  total of 30-hours'  (4 days) quality-related training, or qualification(s). 

Acceptable training could include:

  • CQI/IRCA certified training
  • Relevant degree modules
  • Formal in-house training programmes
  • Any other combination of recognised training that exceeds the 30 hour requirement

We may accept 1-day courses as part of your 30-hour total, however we'll need evidence that training was conducted in a planned, structured manner with clear enabling objectives & learning outcomes. This training must relate to topics within the CQI Profession Map and must also be evidenced by a certificate of completion or written verification by a manager.

If your Practitioner application is unsuccessful, you will be awarded the Affiliate grade.

If you have questions about what training we can accept as evidence of your quality knowledge, please contact our Membership team, who will be happy to help. For new members email [email protected] and for regrades email [email protected]


Apply online now

Complete the online application form, providing details of your work experience, and your training and/or qualifications. 

Pay the application fee and submit your application today.

Alternative grades, regrading and fees

Alternative grades

If you do not meet the requirements for this grade or are unable to provide evidence to support your application, did you know you can join us as an CQI Affiliate?

Affiliates can access many of the same member benefits including all of our content, networking and development platforms.


You may regrade at anytime during your membership to Chartered Member. You will not need to pay an additional membership fee to regrade however a small regrade fee is due to process your application.


For all new membership applications, there are two fees to pay; a one-off application fee to process your application and an annual membership fee. The annual membership fee for CQI is pro-rated. The CQI membership cycle starts in January each year. New members can join at any point in the year and fees will be adjusted accordingly. For a link to the fees, please click here.

How to Apply for our Practitioner Grade

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