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Why join IRCA?

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The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) is a globally renowned register of over 11,000 quality auditors. IRCA auditors are held in esteem by the profession and industry alike.

IRCA auditors on average earn more than other auditors undertaking equivalent work. This is due to the highly respected reputation of IRCA and its auditors around the world.

What makes IRCA auditors so good is not just because of the high standards we apply to join the IRCA register or the high quality of IRCA training courses, but also because of the support that that IRCA auditors receive to help make them better at their job.

This support is grouped into three main areas:

  • Professional Recognition
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Networks

Professional Recognition

Being an IRCA certified auditor will open up professional opportunities to you.

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Professional Development

IRCA helps to develop auditors’ professional capacity.

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Quality World, the CQI’s magazine which regularly addresses issues directly relevant to auditors. The May 2017 issue for example was focused on ISO9001:2015

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Online Content

IRCA member have access to a wide range of resources through the CQI website, from technical papers about ISO standards to an e-library of thousands of publications.

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Professional Networks

IRCA members can connect with other audit and quality professionals in a number of ways, such as the IRCA LinkedIn group.

Apply to become an IRCA auditor

Joining the IRCA register is simple.

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Transfer to IRCA

If you want to transfer your current certification to IRCA you may do so by providing us

with the following information:

  • A completed IRCA application form
  • A copy of any relevant auditor training course certificates
  • Completed audit logs
  • Complete CPD logs

Auditors transferring to IRCA should meet the scheme- and grade -appropriate

recommended minimum recertification requirements.

Transfer to IRCA

Email us to transfer to IRCA.

If you have any questions or want to contact our membership team, please fill out our enquiry form.