Creating customer value

World Quality Day - 12 November 2020

About customer value

World Quality Day 2020 is a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on individuals, teams and organisations that are deeply invested in creating and improving customer value.

Customer-focused organisations have a culture of creating value for their customers by innovating and improving products, services and processes. 

In a world of ever-increasing customer expectations, competition and technological change, businesses are striving to be seen as ‘partners’ in the eyes of their stakeholders.

The quality profession supports businesses to develop a customer-centric quality culture that will help them to:

  • Recognise that it is the customer, not the company, that defines what quality means
  • Understand product and service quality through their customers eyes
  • Share their quality performance with customers
  • Collaborate with customers to improve product/service quality and resolve problems

WQD gives us the opportunity to highlight how quality can help to create customer-focused organisations.


World Quality Day (WQD) is celebrated annually on the second Thursday in November.

The CQI uses WQD as a campaign to promote quality management (in line with our Royal Charter purpose of advancing quality management for the benefit of society) through our members and partners.

We offer a WQD theme which is wide enough to provide a hook for most organisations, but we don’t impose it. Organisations sometimes come up with other themes that align closely with their corporate strategy and initiatives.  

Our role also involves flying the flag for WQD, providing tools and assets for members to use, and asking them to spread the word.

In the past, we have seen competitions, awards, conferences, discovery sessions and even supply chain initiatives.

WQD ‘ambassadors’ can be an individual, a local business unit, a team or an entire company.

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