Read more below about the criteria for each award’s category, meet the 2020 winners and finalists and be inspired by best practice case studies produced based on finalists’ entries. 

The 2022 award categories

Emerging talent award

The quality professional who has contributed most to their organisation in the areas of governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context within the first five years of their quality management career.  

Meet the 2020 Emerging talent winner and finalists 

NEW Digital innovation award  The initiative which best leverages a digital/technology solution to help people improve the performance of their organisation’s business processes, and the quality of product and service outcomes for customers and stakeholders.  
Quality professional of the year award  

A quality professional who has played a key role in advancing their organisation’s governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context. Entries are restricted to CQI chartered members or chartered fellows.  

Meet the 2020 Quality professional of the year winner and finalists

Quality team of the year award  

A team of quality professionals who have contributed most to their organisation through governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context.    

Meet the 2020 Quality team of the year winner and finalists

Read more about the best practice case studies produced based on finalists’ entries: 

Quality organisation of the year award  

The organisation which best exhibits a culture of quality and puts it at the heart of everything they do.  

Meet the 2020 Quality organisation of the year winners and finalists

Read more about the best practice case studies produced based on winners' entries: 

NEW Sustainability  
impact award 

The initiative which best translates environmental, social and governance policy and objectives to improve process, product and service outcomes for existing and future stakeholders.  

CQI Volunteer of the year award ​​​​​

An individual who, through their volunteering for the CQI, has demonstrated that they are an exceptional volunteer, displaying dedication and enthusiasm for furthering the aims of the institute, and making a positive impact on people or a project.

The individual must be a volunteer for the CQI, a current CQI or IRCA member. They can nominate themselves or be nominated by another volunteer, a CQI/IRCA member, or the CQI executive team.

Meet the 2020 Volunteer of the year winner

CQI Outstanding contribution to quality management practice award

An individual or organisation that has made a significant and lasting contribution to the quality management discipline with clear consequential benefit to society, in any one or more of the following domains:

  • Academic thinking
  • Education 
  • Policy 
  • Practice 

Meet the 2020 Outstanding contribution of the year winners

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