Published: 9 Aug 2016

Learn how the framework applies to you and what it means for the future of the auditing profession.

The CQI Competency Framework provides an overview of the competencies quality professionals require to do their jobs effectively, but what does it mean for the auditing profession?

In our exclusive guidebook, ‘The CQI Competency Framework: what it means for auditors’, Principal Auditor Richard Green analyses the framework in detail and explains how the modern-day auditor relates to it.

You will learn:

  • What the CQI Competency Framework is
  • What it means for the auditing profession
  • Why it is equally applicable to generalists and specialists
  • Why auditors need to be agents for change
  • Why management system auditors can contribute to effective leadership
  • Why it is important for auditors to understand the ‘context’ and adjust how they operate accordingly.