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Susan Samaroo CQP MCQI

Embracing the full picture

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Susan Samaroo CQP MCQI
Published: 9 May 2024

Susan Samaroo CQP MCQI outlines the critical role of a 360° business process map in an organisation.

In a business landscape that is constantly evolving, staying ahead means understanding every aspect of your operations – looking at the full picture. That is where a 360° business process map becomes not only a tool, but also a strategic asset.

Here is a deep dive into why creating and using a comprehensive process map is crucial for any business aiming to thrive, not just survive.

Enhancing clarity for strategic decision-making

A 360° process map lays out the entire sequence of business activities, from initial inputs to final outputs. This panoramic view eliminates ambiguity and provides a shared understanding that forms the foundation of informed strategic decision-making. It becomes easier to assess how decisions in one area will ripple through to other parts of the business.

Adopting the ISO 9001:2015 principles of process approach also helps an organisation to focus on process efficiency, risk management, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

"A 360° business process map is not just a piece of paper or a digital diagram. It is a living document that represents the heartbeat of your company."

Susan Samaroo, CQP MCQI, QHSE Manager at Precision NDT and Vice Chair of the CQI Caribbean Branch

Understanding and streamlining

Businesses are complex systems in which processes often intersect and interact. A full process map highlights these interdependencies, allowing leaders to streamline workflows and eliminate redundancies.

This understanding is crucial when implementing changes, ensuring that adjustments in one area do not inadvertently disrupt another. In return, organisations can develop support systems that are reliable, relevant, and aligned to their strategic goals.

Benchmarking and continuous improvement

Quantifying performance is key to growth. With a 360° view, you can set benchmarks and key performance indicators for each stage of your business process. This holistic approach not only drives accountability, but also ensures that continuous improvement is embedded in the company culture.

Resource allocation and waste reduction

A detailed process map helps identify where resources are being over- or underused. By reallocating resources efficiently, you can reduce waste and optimise costs. This level of management is vital for maintaining a lean operation that can adapt and respond to changing market conditions.

A simple way to assist with identifying duplication of efforts would be to RACI your processes.

Ensuring that innovation and adaptability thrive

Innovation thrives when there is a clear understanding of current processes. A 360° process map can reveal opportunities for automation, digital transformation and other innovations that can give you a competitive edge.

It also makes the business more agile, with the ability to pivot processes quickly in response to external pressures or opportunities.

Customer-centricity and value creation

At the core of every business process should be the creation of customer value. A comprehensive process map keeps the customer perspective at the forefront, ensuring that each step in the process contributes to a better customer experience.

This focus on the customer journey is essential for driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Risk management and compliance

In today's regulatory environment, compliance is more than a necessity – it is a competitive advantage.

A 360° process map enables businesses to identify potential risks and compliance issues before they become problematic, ensuring that all processes are up to industry standards and regulations.

Fostering team goals

A complete process map fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration across different departments. It encourages teams to work together towards common goals, understanding how their roles fit into the larger picture.


A 360° business process map is not just a piece of paper or a digital diagram. It is a living document that represents the heartbeat of your company. It is a catalyst for growth, a guide for innovation, and a blueprint for operational excellence.

By investing time and resources into developing a comprehensive process map, you are not just documenting your current state – you are laying the groundwork for a future-proof business that is ready to face the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing world.

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