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Quality in Construction

The CQI’s Construction Special Interest Group’s (ConSIG) Training Working Group (TWG) has developed a specification for a training course for quality professionals in the construction sector.

Why has this course been created?

Research has found errors in the construction industry are costing the sector between £10-25bn per year (Get It Right Initiative). Eliminating these errors by improving quality would significantly lower this figure. Recent events, which have received significant media attention, also demonstrate quality is fundamental to safety of the built product.

To raise the bar in the knowledge, skills and behaviours of quality professionals in construction, the CQI’s Construction Special Interest Group’s (ConSIG) Training Working Group (TWG) has developed a specification for a two-day training course – Quality in Construction.

This will be used to create an industry-wide recognised training course delivered by CQI’s Approved Training Providers (ATPs). More widely, this course can also be used to assist operational team members to understand what they need to do from a quality perspective to ensure successful implementation of all projects.

Topics covered by the training course will include:

1. The importance of Quality in Construction

2. Planning

  • Construction Project Life Cycle
  • Management planning for construction projects against contractual requirements
  • Information Management
  • Project Quality Controls

3. Delivery

  • Technical Assurance
  • Managing Project Change
  • Site Inspection & Surveillance
  • Client liaison and handover

Jon Adshead, ConSIG Chair, argues the ConSIG has identified a significant gap in training for our quality professionals in the construction industry.

After completing the training course, quality professionals will be able to complete specified modules from the CQI’s course portfolio. This professional pathway will result in a Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management.

Further development for Quality Professionals

A pathway has been identified by the ConSig’s Competency Working Group. Quality Professionals can achieve a Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management by successfully completing the ConSig’s preferred CQI and IRCA Certified Courses.

The Practitioner Certificate in Construction Quality Management is made up of the following six core courses and one optional course totalling 19-days which satisfies the training and qualification element of Practitioner grade of the CQI, and may contribute to Chartered Membership, dependent on evidence of experience:

Core courses:

Optional courses: choose one from the following: 

To ensure the required standard is achieved, all Practitioner level modules include a one-hour multiple-choice examination. Visit the ConSig website for more information. 

This initiative is another great example of our expert members collaborating together and with allied bodies to address shared industry challenges through the CQI’s Special Interest Group framework. I am sure CQI members in the construction sector share my thanks for their collective effort in delivering this.

Vincent Desmond, CEO at the CQI

Click here to find out more about the course and to apply