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Improving competitiveness with nine quality management tools


Quality management tools are essential for organisations to maintain a competitive edge in the market. These tools aid in identifying areas for improvement, reducing waste, and enhancing productivity, leading to cost savings, improved quality, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Quality professionals can improve their individual and team performance by utilising these tools, contributing to the overall success of the organisation.

​A question of MSS 1000

Published: 9 Aug 2016

Ian Dalling explains how MSS 1000:2014 will impact on the future of the quality professional.

​Member case study: the process of CPD

Published: 9 Aug 2016

CQI Practitioner Sarah Ball reveals how you can develop your skills and knowledge through recognised continuing professional development activities.

​Setting the standard

Published: 9 Aug 2016

Professor Michael Mainelli and Bob McDowall look at voluntary standards markets in financial services regulation and position of quality in the industry.

​ISO 45001: all change

Published: 9 Aug 2016

Colin MacNee analyses the latest developments on ISO/DIS 45001 and finds some significant changes have been introduced.

​ISO 9001 and risk

Published: 9 Aug 2016

Tapas Bandyopadhyay and Chittaranjan Das offer practical advice on implementing ISO 9001:2015 in line with risk based management.

​Executive Order

Published: 9 Aug 2016

In a new series focusing on senior managers addressing quality and leadership, the CQI asked Lady Barbara Judge, chair of the Institute of Directors, her views on the Competency Framework and her vision for business.