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Quality World readers are a large and diverse group of quality and auditing professionals working in a range of sectors, from defence to manufacturing, healthcare and education.

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Approved Training Partners

The CQI and IRCA's network of Approved Training Partners deliver our Certified Training courses.

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How organisations employing auditors can work with IRCA

If your organisation employs 10 or more management system auditors, you can benefit from working more closely with IRCA

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CQI Accreditation

The CQI offers accreditation of organisations' development schemes for quality professionals, promoting high standards of quality management and helping to attract and retain the best people. Find out how your organisation can benefit.

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​CQI Corporate Partner and accreditation fees

Fees for CQI Corporate Partners and Accredited Companies.

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Information for IRCA Approved Training Organisations

Details of how our courses are changing, plus details of transition training, marketing materials, research and how to maintain course certification.

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CQI Corporate Partners

The CQI welcomes organisations across all sectors to become Corporate Partners in support of their journey towards delivering better business outcomes.

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