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Massimo Narna, Product Assurance, European Space Agency

The sky is the limit

Published: 15 Jul 2024

As part of a series of articles on different quality qualifications, Massimo Narna, who works in product assurance at the European Space Agency (ESA), describes his experience of achieving an MSc in Quality Management at the University of the West of Scotland.

Group of women having a business meeting

Changing minds

Published: 8 Jul 2024

How entrenched can we become in our own way of thinking? Ryan Renard CQP MCQI, SQMS Manager at Ontic, looks at how quality professionals can change minds – including their own.


Chartered Quality Institute AGM 2024

The Annual General Meeting will take place digitally to encourage and include our international members.

Anar Malikov CQP FCQI

Embarking on a Fellowship future

Published: 28 Jun 2024

As part of our continuing series of Q&As with CQI members who have regraded to Fellow, Anar Malikov CQP FCQI describes his journey to becoming a Fellow of the CQI.