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An Interview with Professor Noriaki Kano

CQI Head of Profession Mike Turner, spoke to world-renowned TQM and quality management guru Professor Noriaki Kano. 
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - The CQI Journey

National Inclusion Week is the perfect time to update our members, staff, partners and stakeholders on our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) journey.
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There’s a revolution in the air - implications of Covid-19

On 17 September, I spent a fascinating morning with a group of quality leaders from large complex organisations, discussing the impact and implications of Covid-19 and the challenge of disruptive change for quality management. Here are the highlights.
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Covid-19: Back to normal or back to the future?

From a variety of positions, governments around the world are trying to kick-start their economies and recover from the constraints of lock-down. But return to what?
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The 2020 International Quality Awards: making the shift to a virtual event

In 2020 people and organisations around the globe were faced with unprecedented challenges. Most of us were left searching for processes and methods to help us navigate an ever-changing landscape, in both our personal and professional lives.
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Is your business creating customer value?

Every year the CQI celebrates World Quality Day to raise the profile of quality management and its important role in business and society.
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