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Promote good governance with World Quality Day 2016

Published: 11 Oct 2016

World Quality Day is your opportunity to get people talking about your work and the value it adds to business.

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The CQI President

The CQI President, roles and responsibilities

The CQI President is a non-executive role whose main role is to represent and promote the interests of quality and the CQI. The CQI President is appointed by the Board of Trustees in accordance with our Royal Charter.

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Create a community event

To create a listing for an event for your branch or special interest group, please fill in the form using the link below. Your event will appear on the CQI eventbrite page immediately followed by a listing on the CQI website within 5 working days.

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Leading Supply Chain Assurance

This course develops leadership skills to assure that stakeholder requirements are met in the whole supply chain, develop strategies for assessing supply chain capability, coach and facilitate top management teams in the deployment of strategic leadership of supply chain management.

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