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Exclusive to our Corporate Partners - Rapid Improvement in Waitrose ( webinar)

A Corporate Connect webinar on how to gain a deeper understanding of the key barriers and support in implementing an improvement programme in a head-office / shared-service setting, to gain insights in example tools and methods used successfully in Waitrose as well as the ability to implement an

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Quality Management - by David Hoyle

Join David Hoyle, a seasoned professional with over 35yrs experience in quality management as practioner, manager, consultant and instructor primarily in aerospace and engineering sectors.

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Managing Certification: Relationships in an evolving world

The purpose of this event is to understand the way in which different stakeholders manage the relationships which will assure the value and integrity of certification in the future.

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Launch of CQI Ireland Branch

This event marks the official launch of the CQI Ireland Branch.

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Counterfeit Material

Presentation by Alan Hambling on the reality of the world we live in today on the pitfalls of C.F.S.I. (Counterfeit Fraudulent and Suspect Items) in the market place today. 

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