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GDPR: Two Months On

This event provides an opportunity to reflect on what the CQI have learned about GDPR two months after it came into force. 

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Waste Management & Quality Considerations

This talk will focus on how quality considerations are taken into account when collecting waste, reprocessing it and selling it as a raw material for recycling.

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Exclusive to our Corporate Partners - Rapid Improvement in Waitrose ( webinar)

A Corporate Connect webinar on how to gain a deeper understanding of the key barriers and support in implementing an improvement programme in a head-office / shared-service setting, to gain insights in example tools and methods used successfully in Waitrose as well as the ability to implement an

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Improving Quality Through Collaboration

On Wednesday 30 May, the Construction Special Interest Group of the Chartered Quality Institute will present aspects of how collaboration in the construction industry can enhance quality and generate value in construction.

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Get your message across

Published: 25 May 2018

The topic for CQI’s third Corporate Connect event of the year was how quality professionals should engage with their audience and make their communications truly compelling

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Quality Management - by David Hoyle

Join David Hoyle, a seasoned professional with over 35yrs experience in quality management as practioner, manager, consultant and instructor primarily in aerospace and engineering sectors.

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